Basic Technical Information

Entartet is an audio installation with a live performance element. It is largely self-contained, and designed to be adaptable to a wide range of different venues.

The production can be provided in two different formats. The standard set-up involves the creation of simple spacial focal points, which incorporate sensor-triggered playback units. In large spaces, the production can alternatively be delivered through an audio guide headset system, controlled by distributed trigger points.

The main requirements of the standard set-up are a good, but not necessarily complete blackout, and a reasonably even floor. All technical and scenic elements of the standard set-up fit through single doors. Some very small spaces might not be suitable to present Entartet.

A live performance element of Entartet can be scaled to adapt to the size of the venue and the number of visitors. In venues with large footfall the performance can run continuously. This usually involves two performers taking turns. In venues with less footfall, performances can be scheduled at specific times.

For a full technical rider, please contact Kai Fischer on netmail@kaifischer.co.uk