The Project

Entartet is a journey of the imagination.

We go back in time, to a foreign country. Here, in a large city, an exhibition has just opened. It has been created by government officials. They want to show, to the world, which kind of pictures they do not like.

On display are Expressionist portraits, Impressionist landscapes and Modern sculptures. Images, where 'skies are green and meadows blue.' Daunting drawings show distorted victims, crippled by a terrible war. Other pictures seem to be inspired by madness. And some works are, truly, difficult to understand.

All these images are dangerous, we are told. This will have to stop. And for these 'artists', included in this exhibition, there will have to be bitter consequences...

Entirely based on a true event, Entartet creates a space to imagine the images on display, the exhibition itself, and the distant, brutal world in which a now infamous event could happen.

Entartet uses the original text from the guidebook to the 1937 Munich exhibition 'Degenerate Art', and creates from it an audio guide to empty spaces.

It explores a historical document and, through it, the very dark sides of populism and state-sponsored intolerance.

Entartet listens carefully for some strangely familiar echoes today, and creates space for a powerful and, ultimately, very personal experience.

'See this show, think hard about it and cherish freedom.'
Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

**** The Scotsman

**** The Herald

Nominated for the Critics' Awards for Theatre in Scotland 2013 for Best Design